Monday, October 7, 2013

Stream of Conscience

On our last day of living in Seattle I discovered three things:
1) The fastest way home from Costco. 
2) There was a Bank of America less than a mile away from our house the entire time. 
3) It's a huge relief to move out of the inner city.

Do you like how I did that? Just slipped in that we moved from Seattle? We did. We live in South Carolina now.

Speaking of not living in Seattle...the other night Joe and I left to go pick up BBQ take-out while Joe's mom watched Zeph. I was already in yoga pants (it was Saturday, so by already I mean I probably wore them all day) and was planning to put on my Chacos and call it good enough. I asked Joe if it was ok and he said something like, "'re in the South. People don't dress like that here." 

Oh that's right. I left the birthplace of grunge for the land of Belles. Real pants are no longer optional. 

Speaking of welcome to the South...our first week here Zeph got himself 12 mosquito bites. At the same time. All on his head. I hope he can survive the loss of blood to the brain...and inhaling Raid. 
(Zeph's stroller is especially attractive to the mosquitoes. It now permanently smells like repellent.)

Speaking of'll be hard pressed to find a happier baby.  He smiles and giggles all day long. If you look at him, he thinks its hilarious. You touch his belly? Peals of laughter. Bite his fingers or toes? Gleeful hysteria. In this video he is just plain manic.

Speaking of a laughing baby...When Zeph wakes up in the morning he stays in bed for 10 minutes laughing and talking to himself, just happy to be alive. Sometimes I hear him laughing and talking to himself in the middle of the night. This kid is something else. 
(This is how I find Zeph every single morning.)

Speaking of something else...something else Zeph does that's adorable is he beams and thumps his right leg and flails his arms whenever someone gives him attention or he sees a full bottle. Ol' Thumper here especially loves to kick is foot against the hard plastic of his car seat. His heels are constantly bruised and cut from all of his kicking antics. 

Speaking of a bottle of warm milk...A sleeping baby is one of the most content feelings in the world. At night when I've put Zeph into his crib sometimes I think, "There. I did it. I kept another human being alive and happy for another day. Good work." 
(Both asleep. I thought I was the one who needed a nap.)

Speaking of work...I no longer have to work as Joe's secretary. Lets all breathe a sigh of relief. 

Speaking of sighing...have you ever seen the Redwoods? They are definitely one of the most incredible sights I've ever seen. When I was a kid we had a set of children's encyclopedias and I remember seeing a picture of a car driving through a hole in the trunk of a tree. I was so amazed and wanted so badly to see those giant trees. This summer we went on a little road trip and saw the redwoods. Truly, I was in absolute awe.  I've realized the last few years that I feel the presence of God through nature more so than almost anywhere else. I guess its because in places like an untouched forest, His presence is still whole in His creations. 

Speaking of Zeph...oh we weren't speaking of Zeph? Funny how that happens. We go to the beach once a week to go on a walk, because why not? Going on walks is one of Zeph's favorite things.

Speaking of Zeph's favorite things...I was going to post a list of all of his favorites, but it deserves a post all it's own.

Speaking of blog posts...this one is long. And overdue. Long overdue and long, overdue. 

Speaking of babbling...I think the thing I miss most about Seattle is having great friends and family close. I read somewhere that women use, on average, 20,000 words a day. I can only use up so many of those on Zeph repeating the same things again and again. I very much miss having good friends to talk with.
(Our favorite Seattle friends got together for dinner and games and were kind enough to Face Time us to say hello. That's why we are friends. I cried and cried when we hung up. I wish I had a picture of Face Timing with Cali, Levin, Atlas, and my mom today.)

Speaking of saying the same things over and over...I already have my first children's book mesmerized. Dr. Suess's Circus McGurkis (the world's greatest show, on the face of the earth or wherever you go).
("Reading" books together. Actually Zeph is playing with the tag.)

Speaking of a circus...we are buying a house. Enough said.

Speaking of enough said...