Friday, September 30, 2011

Delta, Echo, Foxtrot

Decorating. Specifically for Halloween. It’s the first holiday where I’ve had a house to decorate! A party is in order. Because my house is going to be very Halloween-y. But I can't show you pictures. I told myself I couldn't decorate until the first week of October.

Eating a taco at the farmer's market in Moses Lake. We discovered these tacos last summer and thought about them all year long.  We made a special trip to the market just for these tacos and invited some friends to come along. After the first round our friends left. Lightweights. We got in line for another round.

There is just so much love to give to food. And I give freely. I’ve really enjoyed living in a city where great restaurants are plentiful. Joe even started a food blog to document our eating adventures. His blog is also a bit neglected. Our bellies, however, are not.

Joe and I recently took my first trip to Florida to visit his grandparents. We spent time in their retirement community swimming in their pool, chasing geckos, and taking naps. The real highlight of the trip, however, was Disney World et al! Joe's sister, her husband, and their two kids joined us. I think my excitement level was more on par with the kids. (Joe used to go all the time as a kid and I’d never been.) It was amazing. Joe’s family does Disney a bit different than my family—they watch parades, walk with leisure, and stop to eat—we skip parades for empty-line rides, run, and eat packed lunches only when we get too tired.  Regardless of the different approaches, we had an awesome time. 
Since Joe has been designated as the family photographer we have discovered very few pictures of the two of us together. We discovered that mirrors (like the ones at the base of the giant ball thing at Epcot Center) do the trick.

Joe said a few times that I was happier at Disney World than I was on our wedding day. I concurred, because in terms of stress, one of these things is not like the other.

It's a Blog. A Real Live Blog!

A-All Caught Up.
A good friend (found here) e-mailed me yesterday morning saying my blog has been neglected and that I should consider her the pre-Blog Protective Services intervention. I’ve had a blog in the works for a while, but after my intervention this morning I decided I should probably go with the all-encompassing A-Z list to get you all caught up. And to prove that I do love you, dear blog. And I’m unleashing that love with a vengeance.*

B--Bit of Pink.
Just because I can.


As in Book Club.

I began a book club in February. Joe wanted to join. I told him no. No boys allowed. It is a great book club. And I mean great. There are seven of us that meet on the second Wednesday of every month and we have the best time. I’ve loved getting to know all the different women in our little club better. Fellow book clubbers, we need a picture.

Tune in tomorrow for D, E, and F!

*Although the entire list is already written (complete with pictures) I decided to do it in installments. Like when Dickens would release his books to be published chapter by chapter in newspapers. It sounds pretentious of me. It's not. Well not quite as much as it seems. I just realize that if you don't blog for say, 3 months, that you lose some of your following. And I reason that some regular posting will help my poor neglected blog more than one mega post.
Another major factor is I figure I'll get more comments this way.