Monday, October 12, 2009

Cold, Wisdom, and Wit

Our conversation walking to the library went something like this:

Me (in a slightly whiny tone): “How can it be this cold? We are wearing wool, how are we supposed to get warmer?”

Kelsey (tone equally whiny): “Every year I forget how cold it gets. Every year!”

Me: “It must be like childbirth.”

Kelsey: “What?!”

Me: “You know, that drug your body releases after childbirth.”

Kelsey: “…”

Me (matter of factly): “You know that drug your body releases after childbirth that makes you forget the pain. If it didn’t no one would have more than one baby.” I offer a small self-indulgent laugh at my clever connection.

Kelsey (seriously): “Oh right. Yeah it must, otherwise no one would come to school here for more than one winter.”

Me: “Childbirth and Rexburg winters….and falling in love.”

Kelsey: “Oh yeah. Falling in love. Yeah. I bet you’re right.”

Me: “I think I’ll write a blog about it.”

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Day in Pictures

Cycling and swimming with Angie and Travis. Together we make up the three legs of a triathlon.


Covered myself in charcoal while drawing my Italian friend, Massimo.

3:30pm-4:40pm: Matt, the snitch.

Watched my FHE brothers play QUIDDITCH!

The beaters and a chaser

Great quote from Ian (far left), yelled in a moment of frustration when the fans were getting too intensely involved, “Guys! We aren’t real wizards! We can’t really fly!” Take it back Ian. You proved yourself wrong.


Started grading this very intimidating stack of papers.


Had a social life, despite my lack of time for one.

11:30pm-12:00am: Read and listened to Julius Caesar. I was feeling pretty confidant in my Shakespearian abilities until about 11:29.59pm.

What is on the agenda for tomorrow?

Watching Edgar Allan Poe’s funeral, of course!