Thursday, March 22, 2012

This is Not Z

Joe buys me fruit snacks (and other treats) when he goes grocery shopping (a treat in itself)…even though he knows I’ll leave the wrappers lying around. His biggest pet peeve*

I'm pretty sure that is true love.

*I’d like to assure everyone that I am not, in fact, a dirty person. I just find wrappers really annoying. No one likes to eat a bag of fruit snacks standing next to the garbage can.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


See, it looks like a Y

As in trying to keep the peace after a particularly nasty round of Canasta. Joe may have been tripling my score. He might have called me a poor loser. I possibly called him an excessive celebrator. I may have been genuinely mad. 

I thought about adding it to our list of banned games (unfortunately that list is growing), but couldn't do that to my favorite game. And I thought Joe and I should take this issue in our marriage head on. So before our next round of Canasta a few nights later, I decided we needed to read a little book together. I read the Berenstain Bears No Girls Allowed out loud. 

You can read my favorite page of this book, and the one I thought most fitting for me and Joe.

Brother Bear and his friends get so annoyed with Sister Bear they decide to not play with her anymore and build an all boys club. Sister realizes the errors of her ways (and builds a club house of her own--complete with tin can phones) and apologizes to Brother Bear and the boy and girl cubs all play happily together.

You can see in this next picture how Joe felt about all of this.

(Joe's middle finger, my thumb)

But! We had a very successful round of Canasta. Consider our home a place of peace...even on Canasta night.