Sunday, October 23, 2011

my ReST is over

R--Roasty Toasty.
I’ve began turning on our fireplace in the evening. Even though sometimes it gets so hot I sometimes have to open the window. The heating bill can only get so high before I’ll need to stop, so I’m enjoying it for a few weeks.

S--Spray Paint. 
I recently discovered the versatility and amazingness of spray paint. Nothing beats the combo of Goodwill frames and a $3 can of spray paint.

I finally began my student teaching. Four sections of Freshman English. I’ve been observing for two weeks, teaching small portions of the class. In three weeks I’ll begin teaching the class full time for sixish weeks. It’s been both an enjoyable and difficult adjustment. I love being in the classroom interacting with the students and teaching English. I’m not as big of a fan of sharing my time. I became accustomed to the freedom that comes with being a trophy wife. Alas, my vacation is over and I am constantly wondering why school needs to start at 7:00am.

A picture of my desk. It’s mostly decorative, but still.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Joe says I have to go outside every day for at least ten minutes. He says if I don’t I get grumpy. It's true. But I am also a homebody. It's quite the conundrum. So. I make an event out of getting the mail. Or I go jogging (see J). Or take Levin on a walk.

Levin is having a much better time than it appears.

Or I go to Pikes. Which kills two birds with one stone when I bring the outdoors indoors with fresh flowers.

That's me. The explorer of the great outdoors.

We love Vietnamese food in this house, especially pho. I’ve decided, even though its dirt cheap at many local restaurants, I should learn to make it. Complete with homemade broth without bouillon cubes. Would you like to come over for some? Not to toot my own horn, but it’s really good. 

Pre-accouterments of Thai Basil, jalapenos, chili peppers, cilantro, lime, and fresh bean sprouts.  

Question I most frequently ask Joe: Should we maybe just have cereal for dinner?
Question Joe most frequently asks me: Dear, did you get “X” done today?
Most common answer to above questions: No

P.S. This is my 100th blog post. Given that I've had this blog for 3 years, I'd say I need to pick up my game.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mmmmm, Nnnnnn

M--Month Anniversary.
Six to be exact. For the occasion Joe surprised me by taking me to Portland for the weekend. We went to the Saturday market, Powells, and Lion King in 3D.  The crowning activity was going out to a Peruvian Tapas bar for dinner, Andina's. Two kinds of ceviche, burrata, octopus, yams, shrimp, tuna, stuffed peppers, three different kinds of salsa, three flavors of creme brulee. Our waiter told us we’d need about 4 plates between the two of us. We ordered 9. (See “L”). To date it stands as my favorite dining experience.
 We found this marker on our anniversary while we were out for a walk before church. We were married on March 18th and thought it appropriate to take a picture with it.
I have a new last name. It even starts with an N. Did you know that? Actually, I guess it's not my legal name. Because it’s kinda hard to change your last name. And I may or may not have lost all those papers. Like our wedding certificate. They've got to be here somewhere. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

J, K, L

It’s fulfilling both physical and social needs. My friend Courtney asked if I jogged one day and I said, "No, but I'll give it a shot," because I needed a social outlet and exercise (see "E"). I started out hating it, and now only slightly dislike it. I've been liking it more since I lost my Nikes and bought Merrells. It's always a little motivating to do anything with new shoes. And they are easier to run in since they only weigh like 10oz collectively.

I’ve recently come into a lot of contact with kids. My first nephew Levin was born a few months ago. 
We’ve become quite good friends. He slobbers. I tickle.

 Levin and I especially bond when I give him a bath. I occasionally spray him with the nozzle and he kicks and splashes and laughs and laughs. We get along great.

I’ve also become a teacher in our primary at church. I teach eight year olds. Two of them. My church worship now consists of building temples with toothpicks and marshmallows and coloring pictures of Jesus. It’s not unwelcome.Actually I like it a lot.

People warned me about the Freshman 15. Why did no one tell me about the Newlywed 15? It’s real. And it’s taking over. (See “E” and “J”)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

G, H, I

More specifically games for two. We love games at our house. Joe has purchased a lot of two-player games to shake things up from our dinner/TV/reading regimen. Unfortunately for me, Joe out strategizes me. Unfortunately for Joe, I’ve got speed. What? You're in the market for games for two? Our favorites are:

Like chess...only easier.

A totally random game that give the players enough control it's not completely silly.

A game I actually banned from our "two player" list. Though you can play with two players, if you have a competitively-ruthless husband, you'll want to invite friends over.

When Joe is away on business trips we have taken to playing virtual games via our iPads. Ticket to Ride and Words With Friends are our favorite.

I’ve been doing it! Here’s the proof:

Laundry and ironing. I hate laundry. I loooooove ironing.

Count them. There are 22 hangers. I didn't always love ironing and I would cringe whenever Joe wore one of these shirts...until I realized ironing is just an excuse to watch a movie.

Dinner making.

It's usually less impressive than homemade tortellini. And in fact that wasn't even too impressive as they were pretty tough and took f.o.r.e.v.e.r. Not nearly as easy as it looks on the Food Network.

Berry Picking.

A friend*, her son, and I went raspberry and blueberry picking. Of course they got turned into muffins, cake, fruit leather, and frozen little blobs.

I really like this homemaking business.

I--"It's Not You, It's Me." what I should say to everyone I owe a thank you card to from all of the wonderful gifts we’ve received from our wedding. They are written (and have been for a while) but it turns out I’ve been less than organized with my addresses. That’s why they are late. Not because we don’t love, use, and appreciate your gifts, (we really do!) it’s just because I’m not organized. Not an ok excuse. My sincere apologies. 

*Morgan, you have seemed to make your way into so many categories!