Sunday, May 31, 2009

Of Butter and Diet Soda

Background Story: Since getting back from Europe, where I disregarded all knowledge on calories, fat content, and over-all health, and instead pursued good food at every corner (it was all in the name of 'Experience') I’ve been getting back into my “eat healthy and work-out” routine.

Story: When I refused to dip my shrimp in melted butter today at dinner, Dad tried to convince me that butter is actually very healthy for you because it’s a natural fat.

My response was something like, “Dad, if it’s so good for you how come if you cut butter and sugar out of your diet you’ll lose weight?”

His response: “Because people stop eating everything because it all tastes like shit.”

Diet soda nearly came out of my nose.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I have been in Italy this last week and Florence for the last two days. This morning I saw Michelangelo's David. Here is what I wrote while sitting on a bench gazing up at him. I just thought I would share.

Looking at David I want to do better. Michelangelo had such amazing talent. I asked Steve and Megan (friends made on the tour) if we all have talents that can be used to this magnitude. We all agreed that every person does -but only with help from God. That thought, to me, personifies David. He embodies potential. He is the calm before the storm. With all the Godly potential inside of him he accomplishes some absolutely miraculous feats. It is so tragic to me that he fell from glory. God said he had mansions prepared for David. He had the potential to inherit all that God had. Michelangelo's blessed talent expressed through David (among his other works) is a manifestation of the great potential each of us have.

Steve, Megan, and I had a great discussion on that. We also had a great discussion on how no matter how hard you try and no matter the words you use, you can never recreate the experience you have while looking at a beautiful, inspired piece of art. It is a feeling that is only between the piece of art, the artist, you, and God. Its so personal. I think that is what has impressed me the most by this entire trip, how personal art is to me.