Friday, September 5, 2008

Goodbye Moses Lake...

Goodbye to the world of naps on the trampoline.
Hello to the world of naps in the Taylor Chapel…and the 2nd floor of the library…and the couches in the Kirkham building.

Goodbye to free milk.
Hello to plastic dishes.

Goodbye to jogging around the neighbor’s fields.
Hello to jogging on a treadmill next to a student in her second trimester.

Goodbye Family.
Hello five roommates.

Goodbye to the sweet luxury of a full night’s sleep.
Hello to all nighters.

Goodbye to hugs from Mom everyday.
Hello to the awkward door scene on a Friday night.

…Hello Rexburg.


Tyler said...

Awkward doorstep scenes are a specialty of mine. But I've had a couple years to hone the art. ha

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh gee, Ande. This was good. I could almost hear the audience sing "Good-bye" to the Von Trap chidren as they stood on the balcony as I read these things.

I'm going to miss you, badly, badly. I'm so glad you have a blog so I can see your life in pictures as well as your e-mails.

Good-bye, Ande. Hello more milk in the fridge.

I love you.

Darla said...


Good Luck... Your mom will miss you deeply... Have a good year at school & please keep us updated...
I love your blog :)

Cali said...

I agree with mom. Gooood Byeeeee (picture Von Trap Children). Good bye best friend, hello more room in my bed. Learn from my lessons... if you don't blog in a while, people hunt you down and make you feel the guilt. Keep it regular (Benifiber).


Nicole said...

You don't know me but I am Donna Chapin's daughter. I could totally relate to your post. I just left Rexburg for the last time In April. I always get stuck between hating to leave home and loving Rexburg! Returning to Rexburg is always such a strange transition.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

Ande this is Tiffany (Byington) Fackrell, I linked to you from your mom's blog. and just let me tell you if you still want free milk you can come to my house anytime. We live in Hyde Park #3602!! But I will warn you, if you come you might get stuck babysitting!!! HAHAHA just kidding!!

but really if you need anything just email me tiffanyjoy83 at hotmail dot com. We live just around the corner I am sure, how big is rexburg, really!!!

Oh and maybe I will run into you at the gym on the treadmill, although, I won't be that girl in her second trimester....i will be the old married woman trying to get her husband out of school! (just for the record, this is his last semester, HOORAY!)

Lori said...

That lucky Rexburg!!! Have fun at school, and enjoy every minute of it. It feels like work, but when you get out life is so much more WORK!! Take Care!