Friday, October 24, 2008

And the Lucky Building Is...

It seems lately I have been reading a lot of blogs on the woes of dating (Clinton ,Tyler's , and Mitch's to name a few) so I thought I would hop on the bandwagon.

Tonight I decided to go to the gym and work out. It had been a few weeks and I decided it was time to get back into the routine. As I am walking to the Hart (Physical Education) building I realize that I have now had THREE (not one, not two...three) "relationship talks" at buildings on campus! The Hart building, the Kirkham building, and the Library. And just for the record...none of these locations were instigated by me. So I am just wondering why that is. Am I scary? Do the guys I date feel the need to talk to me about our relationship in a well lit, well populated areas just incase I go postal? That is the only reason I can logically come up with. Any ideas? I would love for someone to solve this mystery for me.

While we are on the subject of BYU-I...I have a few goals why I am here at school (besides the obvious of getting my education) here is my list:

1) Have my picture be on the BYU-I homepage. I see the people on the homepage right now and wonder who they are...I would like to no longer wonder. I hear I'm on a screensaver in the library right now so I'm getting there.

2) Give the prayer at devotional. Anyone part of devotional gets to have lunch with the speaker before plus not have to look at the screen to see what's going on. PLUS get one of the padded chairs. Enough said.

And my new edition...

3) Have a DTR at every building on campus.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh, Ande . . . how many more buildings are on campus? How many more of "those talks" could possibly be ahead?

I think those talks are held in well-lit areas so that your beauty is on display. That's a mother talking for you :)

What, praytell, is a DTR?

Ande Payne said...

Hmmm I like your reasoning Mom.

Unfortunately there are many, many more buildings on campus.

A DTR means "determine the relationship" here at BYUI. Sad we have slang for those talks huh?

I love you!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I have an in with the people that design the BYU I homepage! I have heard they want to redo it...I could get you the hookup, hahaha!

Becka said...

Hey Ande. It's Becka :) I love your blog. It has been fun going through and reading everything you have had to say. Good Luck at BYUI this year! Hopefully I will see you next summer. XXOXOXOX


I also have a blog. If you give me your email, I will send you an invite!

Ande Payne said...

Tiffany thanks for the comment! I would love the hook up! How cool would that be!

Becka I'm glad you enjoyed reading my blog! I would love to read yours, my e-mail is Thanks!

Cali said...

I don't think there are enough buildings for all the boys that will be wanting to have them. I think you should reword your goal to read, "Have a DTR at every building [on every bench, at every street, with every unmarried male student] on campus. Or your new goal could be to say, "next time they come and try to have a DTR, I yell 'NOT HERE, NOT NOW.'"


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I think I've figured out why they chose those buildings. Using my Heggedy Peg wisdom, I have determined that one lacked knowledge so he chose the library to DTR, one lacked physical courage so he chose the PE building to if you'll tell me what the last building is then I can finish the puzzle.

Carolyn said...

I have goals for BYU too! I think you should add to yours one of mine...go to the bathroom in every building on campus! Wouldn't that be joyous?

the binghams. said...

Ande! you found us! hurray. I'm glad you like our invites, we'll be happy to help with your wedding :)

so i saw you on campus the other day but you were too far away to say hi- i would have had to scream and flail my arms about for you to notice me. And then I was afraid you still wouldn't know who I was, so I just kept walking and thought to myself- there is Ande! We've eaten Thai food together.

you and nic are busy slaving away in drawing at the moment and I am dreading going back out in the cold to pick him up- yet i want him home.

i think sometimes i just write as much as i can possibly think of on blog comments, so get excited- i'll be a comment maker for you. Or, maybe its only my sister and I who get excited over things like blog comments. Sometimes she'll call me just to say: wow.. 15 comments, nice work.

haha... this must end.

the binghams. said...

oh, i have one more comment- and its actually relevant to your post this time-

nic's cousin was on the homepage till last week when they changed them. she is now 26 (i think :) with 2 kids and she hasn't gone to byu-i since 2002 so i hate to say, its not always the most current students. and since they just redid the pictures, you may have to wait another 6-8 years. If you are lucky like i am, you will still be at BYU-I in 6-8 years. blahhhhhhh

Renny said...

Ande you make me laugh. I have successfully avoided all buildings for any DTRs I have had. They usually happen when its dark too... Good thing I have successfully avoided death.