Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Curse Modern Cartoons

I’ve come to the source of my lack of creativity and motivation this semester and especially during finals.

Cartoon Network.

My roommate loves Cartoon Network. Said roommate also has only two classes and her chosen activity of choice to fill the void classes, homework and social activities normally satisfy is to watch TV...more specifically Cartoon Network.

Here are a few of my observations of Cartoon Network:

  • Every character has an extremely loud and annoying voice (take Spongebob Square Pants for example).
  • No characters have ankles. I can’t tell you why this bothers me…but it does.
  • There is nothing aesthetically pleasing about Cartoon Network. There are too many bright, uncomplimentary colors and ugly shapes forced together.
  • Plots are stupid. I realize they are cartoons, but seriously. I think I get more stupid each time I walk into my apartment.

How could I possibly learn and write creative and intelligent papers (4 ½ of them) when the sounds of Cartoon Network are carried throughout my apartment and create an environment non-conducive to intelligence?

I can't.


HeatherM said...

Oh, Ande - I agree compoletely. Sponge Bob decreases the IQ level in the room instantly - and raises the insanity level. I vote for the Discovery Channel instead - luckily for me, most of the time, I can convince the kids to go this route too!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'm doing my best to think of a cartoon line appropriate for your post . . . and all I can think of is "That's all folks" which leads me to conclude that you are absolutely right, cartoons dull the brain and that's all I have to say about that, folks ;)

How are the papers coming?

melanie said...

Weird roommate stories are SO much better AND funnier down the road. Trust me, I have plenty to share sometime. Earplugs for Christmas?

Tiffany Fackrell said...

that totally stinks. I can't stand most cartoons these days! I had a roomate that was similar but instead of cartoons it was Gilmour Girls, I can't stand that show just because my roomate watched it ALL DAY LONG. and if she was going to be gone she would record it and would put sticky notes all over the apartment telling us it was going to record and to not touch the T.V. so even when she wasn't home watching it we all had to endure it while it recorded, so so annoying!!! I do agree with melanie though, roomate stories make for good laughs later down the road. I've got some doozies!

jkmoss3 said...

YAY.. I am so glad that you have a blog. We can be blog buddies forever now. I am totally putting you on my blog list.

I too am glad we ran into each other. I have also been wondering what you are up to. I hope things work out for you, they will, cause you are great.


tina said...

We don't let our boys watch SpongeBob or many other shows on cartoon network. There's a couple that are approved, but anything after 4:30pm are crappy cartoons. What is appealing about cartoons to a college-aged girl anyway? Seems a little strange. Good luck dealing with that one!