Sunday, May 31, 2009

Of Butter and Diet Soda

Background Story: Since getting back from Europe, where I disregarded all knowledge on calories, fat content, and over-all health, and instead pursued good food at every corner (it was all in the name of 'Experience') I’ve been getting back into my “eat healthy and work-out” routine.

Story: When I refused to dip my shrimp in melted butter today at dinner, Dad tried to convince me that butter is actually very healthy for you because it’s a natural fat.

My response was something like, “Dad, if it’s so good for you how come if you cut butter and sugar out of your diet you’ll lose weight?”

His response: “Because people stop eating everything because it all tastes like shit.”

Diet soda nearly came out of my nose.


Donna Chapin said...

Oh Ande I love your post, and your Dad is a very insightful man. It made me laugh.
I am assuming that you are at home now?? I coming over to the Eastside next weekend, hopefully I will get to see you and your family.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

See what happens when I'm not here for supper? It goes to the dogs.

However, when I read about the pop coming out your nose I started to laugh and laugh.

You are a funny one. I'm so glad you have had so many great experiences and brought home so many experiences (i.e. chocolate upon chocolate).

Welcome home, child. Welcome home.

monica said...

hah so funny. that is something my dad would have said.

Julie said...

I'm with your dad. Without butter and sugar...why eat? Perfect response.

Becka said...

I have to agree with Ande. Eating healthy is SO important and there are tons of ways to make food just as good without the butter and sugar. EAT FRUIT! But yes, junk food every once in a while is yummy! I hope you had an AMAZING time in Europe Ande!! It will be fun talking to you this summer about it all. xxox

Renny said...

Hahahaha, love it. Don't necessarily agree with it, but love it just the same. I hope to hear lots more about your European adventures.

hennchix said...

Oh Ande!! I would so love to be the fly on the wall when you and Calvin are together!! I am so glad you went to Europe and had a great time;those are memories you will always treasure!

PS My word verification was pulke (puke?), get it?? ;)

Anita said...

Oh my Ande, I about fell off my chair laughing at your post! Maybe what was so funny was that you repeated on your blog what your dad said! Love it!!!


Carolyn said...


Rebecca said...

I love how you write Ande! Diet Soda and Butter indeed! And I love your dad's humor. What was the best food you tasted in Europe?