Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Few More Things

  • I dream in black and white. Every so often there is a muted, almost neutral green thrown in there too, I think it’s my brains way of shaking things up.
  • I enjoy working out at night. If I work out in the morning things like this happen.
  • I drool over JCrew.

  • My first word was in German. I had a German neighbor, Emilee, who became my Oma (Grandma) and taught me, “Muhen-Kuh” (Moo-Cow) as my first word. One of my earliest memories is of her house while watching Betty Boop and eating butter cookies from a tin.
  • I’m convinced that other people would like certain movies more if they watched them with me.
  • I judge people on how they spend their money. I often think to myself behind others in the check-out line, “Why are you wearing those $300 jeans and texting on your iphone, telling your kids to be quiet, and then telling the cashier you can’t afford milk and haggling over an expired coupon. Fix your priorities!” It’s terrible.
  • I love getting/giving $.41 in change because it is one each of a quarter, dime, nickel, and penny.
  • I look at women’s clothes from the 40’s and wish my wardrobe was comprised solely of them. I think they are classy, flattering, and beautiful.

I’m pretty sure kisses like this only happen in dresses like that.

  • I have a charm bracelet but am very careful as to what kind of charm gets a spot.
  • A boy once wrote a hate song written about me and published it on PureVolume.com.
  • I go through these stages where everything I love is connected to a single item or idea. I think 2009 will be called the “Pistachio Year” as lately everything is either pistachio flavored (who knew pistachios, pistachio ice cream, and pistachio pudding were SO good?) or pistachio colored (leather jacket the color of a nut, anyone?).

  • I take IQ tests periodically.
  • I love bread pudding. I still think about some apple bread pudding I had over a year ago with my cousin Haley in Alaska. It had grape-nut ice cream on the side and was divine.
  • I wish I had beautiful handwriting.
  • I started my blog this month a year ago and honestly didn’t think it would last this long. Hence the list of things about me again.


Ryan and Haley Krumblis said...

BREAD PUDDING!!!! I love it!!!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I love these random facts and I love seeing you in 40's dresses. I'm not quite sure what to make of your dreams, perhaps your life is too colorful and it tries to tone it down. Your pistachio leather jacket is beautiful and matches you perfectly.

Heather @ Multiple Hats said...

So glad I'm not the only judgemental one in the Wal-Mart line. My fav is the moms that send back the lunchmeat to keep the cigarettes.

Your list is great! Love learning more about you. You're a great gal, Miss Ande!

Anonymous said...

Such interesting things. I wish I had beautiful handwriting, too. Yes....a 40's dress-- to vaccuum in a 40's dress....I should feel very appropriate.

Aunt Lynn

Cali said...

My favorite part about the 40's picture is the seam in her stockings. I was hoping we were going to get a full 100 things about you out of you again (hint, hint).

I love you, Ande Jane. I think you are most unique and WOWser.


Still thinking about getting rid of the word verification?

Carolyn said...

Oh Ande. I love that you love giving 41 cents in change. Everytime I give someone $0.41 at Staples, I tell them how happy they have made me since I get to give them one of each coin. Often times...they don't seem to care.

Renny said...

Ande I just enjoy you.
Its too bad we don't live in the same state, we could shop for 40s dresses and eat bread pudding together.

Ty and Dani said...

My favorite thing about you is that you are you. There is no apologizing, no changing, no adapting. I love people who embrace life with their whole heart and throw themselves out there with all of their perfection and imperfection. I love you!