Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I haven’t set any yet.

But I need to.

I decided to start small.

No need to rush on improvement, I tell myself.

Goal: No melted cheese for a week.

Unfortunately (and surprisingly) this has ruled out a lot of my food options.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Wait. No melted cheese? But cheese is made of milk. Cheese makes everything taste better. Please, please halt the goal process 'til I have a chance to beg you to reconsider cheese.

Susan said...


Eat the melted cheese.

I'm sure it's the only thing getting you through this whole college process.

Make a goal like, no more brussel sprouts.

That one will take some work.

Steven said...

I MUST comment! Not because I feel obligated to because you are THE Ande Jane Payne. Not because you creepily stalk me in the library. Not even because you invite me to all of your super cool trips despite me not speaking to you for weeks. No, I MUST comment because if you stop eating melted cheese, you are just lying down before the band of health gurus who are self proclaimed haters and saying: "You Win! You're Right! Goals are so much more important than my happiness!" And so, As a dear friend of yours Miss Payne, I humbly but forcefully comment on this outrage of an idea. See you in the Library, and bring melted cheese; we shall dine together.

Renny said...

Oh Ande, you should continue to embrace the cheese with open and loving arms.
How about no more rutabagas? That might be easier. (Maybe you eat them for breakfast, I don't know.)

Ande Payne said...

It's ok guys. It's a week. Melted cheese will be back in my life soon.

Nikki said...

LOL! What funny comments on a funny goal!

I love melted cheese. But I don't need to tell anyone that. My thighs will gladly do it for me. Hmm... I wonder how much weight I could lose by cutting out that one thing...

Anonymous said...

If you didn't eat melted cheese, you would never eat in our house. So what is the next goal?