Friday, September 30, 2011

It's a Blog. A Real Live Blog!

A-All Caught Up.
A good friend (found here) e-mailed me yesterday morning saying my blog has been neglected and that I should consider her the pre-Blog Protective Services intervention. I’ve had a blog in the works for a while, but after my intervention this morning I decided I should probably go with the all-encompassing A-Z list to get you all caught up. And to prove that I do love you, dear blog. And I’m unleashing that love with a vengeance.*

B--Bit of Pink.
Just because I can.


As in Book Club.

I began a book club in February. Joe wanted to join. I told him no. No boys allowed. It is a great book club. And I mean great. There are seven of us that meet on the second Wednesday of every month and we have the best time. I’ve loved getting to know all the different women in our little club better. Fellow book clubbers, we need a picture.

Tune in tomorrow for D, E, and F!

*Although the entire list is already written (complete with pictures) I decided to do it in installments. Like when Dickens would release his books to be published chapter by chapter in newspapers. It sounds pretentious of me. It's not. Well not quite as much as it seems. I just realize that if you don't blog for say, 3 months, that you lose some of your following. And I reason that some regular posting will help my poor neglected blog more than one mega post.
Another major factor is I figure I'll get more comments this way.


Ty said...

I'll comment every day if you keep the post coming. I love it when you do. Great Post!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh Ande. You are funny. You are most definitely words of affirmation and the best part is you know it and know what to do about it!

I'm with Ty. I'm so glad you're posting.

By the way, that pink picture is so pretty.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

...I forgot to mention that I love your bookclub picture. I'm so glad you started a bookclub and that you and Cali have enjoyed it so much. I feel Joe's pain. I wish I could be in on your discussions.

Rachel said...

I doubt I'll ever be able to control my sudden, regurgitating blog habit. But, I love you ability to do so. It makes it clean and neat. I also think it points our a remarkable trait of your personality. I'm impressed. ..and even more so with the pink streak!
Love you.
Congratulations on your sudent teaching!!

Haley Krumblis said...


It is about time!!! Since you no longer live here in Rexburg you have forgotten about us and my need to hear your updates. I love and miss you!


Cassidy said...

Comments are the best, lets be honest.
Keep the blog posts coming! (like I'm one to talk though.)

Renny said...

Man, I love blog comments. Maybe I shouldn't post anything else about France until after December...

No, that won't happen. I love the pink, and the book club.

Basically, I just think you are so cool and awesome!

Charlotte said...

Oh how I love comments. They're like gifts in my inbox.

I just ordered that exact edition of The Woman in White last week! It's one I haven't read before, and I'm excited to get down to business with it.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the alphabet posts!

morgan larsen said...

You are lucky I am commenting at all, teasing your blog followers like you are. Fortunately for you, "A" and "B" were awesome. Of course I did make my way into both...

morgan larsen said...

Yeah, never mind, I had nothing to do with your pink hair, although I am a fan!

Rachel said...

Your pink streak is so racy! What would BYU-I have to say about that?! ;o) I love it!