Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Perfect Ratios...How I Love You.

Today I had a day of correct proportions. I would go as far as to say perfect proportions.

This morning I was putting away my clean laundry and noticed my clothes to hanger ratio is perfect today. The only possible time this beautiful and rare phenomenon can take place is on laundry day. Laundry day is a rare occurrence by itself, and the clothes/hanger ratio is even more rare. Pure magic.

Keep in mind that was only the beginning of my day. Literally and figuratively. Here are a few other amazing things (in terms of proportions) that happened today:

My hairspray and mousse ran out at the same time. This is big. It never happens. I go through hairspray much faster than I go through mousse and having a completely full container of both…more magic.

I ran out of cereal at the same time I ran out of milk in my bowl. No wasted milk, no added cereal.

My ipod battery ran out the second I was done working out.

Seriously how awesome was my day? It was nothing short of beautiful. I couldn’t have orchestrated it better myself.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh my goodness! Gel and hairspray both gone at the same time? That's nigh impossible with your mane.

My cereal NEVER runs out at the same time as milk unless it's something like mini wheats that sits too long and absorbs all the milk.

Guess what my perfect ratio was today? Trick question. I didn't have one.

I loved hearing about your perfect, beautiful ratio-ed day.

Cali said...

Did mom trick you with her trick question? She did me. I loved the picture you put with it. So you.

Cassidy said...

how funny! Your hairspray and mousse is my shampoo and conditioner. I'm still waiting for them to run out at the same time.

shelly said...

Ande, I've never thought of a perfect, ratio day. One more thing to be waiting for, watching for, and occassionally obsessing for. Sounds like fun. Shelly Nelson

HeatherM said...

Great post, Ande! My sickness decided to turn the corner about the time I couldn't spend even ONE MORE MINUTE at home. It seems go be a great ratio week all around...

Rebecca said...

I love the spin you took on a "bad day". The analytical approach to hair pulling days could be a good cure for me!