Monday, March 30, 2009

Stupid Money-Sucking College Town

I parked on campus the other day after hours. I never drive to classes so I don’t have a parking sticker so if I am going to park on campus it is only after 4:00pm.

As luck would have it my car wouldn’t start late at night.

Maybe I should back up. A couple of weeks ago I broke my key in half. One half remains on the key ring while the other half is in the ignition. I can normally get it to start just fine if I don’t lock the key when I turn it off.

Late Thursday night I drove to a building on campus. I was on the phone and when I turned the car off I forgot my car has a personality and let my key lock. Now the ignition won’t turn. And it’s stuck on campus.

So in my greatest attempts to not get a ticket (I have issues with the parking rules in college towns that might deserve a blog post all to its own) I wrote a note and stuck it on my windshield.

Here is the note:

I thought it was a pretty good note. I would have let someone off if I was a part of the campus police just for writing such a nice note…or on the grounds of creativity, if nothing else.

Maybe from now on I will refer to the campus police as “Immoral Heartless Money Suckers” because this is what I found on my windshield Friday…with my note tucked inside as if to taunt me. You can bet this baby is going to get appealed. I even said please…with an underline…and pictures! My note was even gender non-specific!

In conclusion…my car = awesome. Immoral Heartless Money Suckers = not so awesome.


HeatherM said...

I soooo would have let you off. I think that person just had a false superiority complex from not being a "real" cop. Because the "real" cops I know never would have done that to a college girl obviously down on her luck. Oh, who am I kidding - Matt would give ME a ticket if he wasn't scared that I'd never cook him dinner again . . .

Cali said...

My favorite part of this story was being home last Friday when you called dad and hearing him swear because you and cars don't equal low maintenance. My favorite precursor to this story is when you called me a week and a half ago and asked with ABSOLUTE seriousness if I knew how to hot wire cars... because Rocky had a broken key in the ignition. I suggested that your problems would only be starting if you thought hot-wiring your car would be a good idea... besides you would probably electrocute yourself.

I love you Ande... thanks for always making me laugh. Dad and I got to laughing about you and the hotwiring last Friday after you called. At least you had let that idea go.

Ande Payne said...

Haha I honestly thought hotwiring would be a good idea. Especially considering Rocky.

Good thing I called and asked you and not Dad. I might have got the same reaction I got when I called him and told him it wouldn't start.

Thanks for talking me out of that idea. I agree it is one of my worst

Carolyn said...

Oh that is such an amazing note. I can't even believe they didn't let you off. Who do they think they are?

Ryan and Haley Krumblis said...

Ande, I feel your pain. I hate that! Although I have never left such a creative note as yours. I miss you! Come back to Alaska!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Ande, with such a plea as that, I'd have written you a note back and probably left you a plate of cookies or $10, too.

Your right, a girl with a broken key does need help.

Anonymous said...

Well that just bites. I hate it when our best charm bites the dust. What does that leave us? Fred would totally have taught you how to hotwire that car.

Which reminds me-- Rachel left her lights on again.....and had to find someone to jump her car....clear out in Gooding. One coworker produced jumper cables with one clamp missing (like that was going to do any good?). Finally a friend called a friend who called another friend and jumper cables showed up but no one knew how to use them. Rachel said, "Oh, trust me. I know how to use them." Sad, isn't it?

Aunt Lynn