Friday, April 3, 2009

This is not an outcry for e-mails. Just an observation I found funny.

This week I have been e-mailing myself a lot. In fact, I am the person I have received the most e-mails from. It was a sad, depressing, yet kind of amusing, little realization.

Especially because all of my e-mails to myself contain homework.


Cali said...

That's funny because I sent myself the most e-mails this week too. Mine didn't contain homework though... they contained my To Do's. If I think of something I want to remember... I e-mail myself. Like the one sitting in my inbox now says, "put this on your resume..." How about we start e-mailing each other more so we don't SEEM so pathetic

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Yes! I think this means I was missed by you and Cali. Who knew I would be known as the mother who fills the inbox?

I have lots to write you this week. I'll start with I love you.

Mitchell Mark said...

I used to do that too in school. email it to myself then print it at the library!