Monday, October 12, 2009

Cold, Wisdom, and Wit

Our conversation walking to the library went something like this:

Me (in a slightly whiny tone): “How can it be this cold? We are wearing wool, how are we supposed to get warmer?”

Kelsey (tone equally whiny): “Every year I forget how cold it gets. Every year!”

Me: “It must be like childbirth.”

Kelsey: “What?!”

Me: “You know, that drug your body releases after childbirth.”

Kelsey: “…”

Me (matter of factly): “You know that drug your body releases after childbirth that makes you forget the pain. If it didn’t no one would have more than one baby.” I offer a small self-indulgent laugh at my clever connection.

Kelsey (seriously): “Oh right. Yeah it must, otherwise no one would come to school here for more than one winter.”

Me: “Childbirth and Rexburg winters….and falling in love.”

Kelsey: “Oh yeah. Falling in love. Yeah. I bet you’re right.”

Me: “I think I’ll write a blog about it.”


Cali said...

LAUGHED outloud.
LAUGHED outloud again.
Walked away, then came back to the computer, saw your post, and started LAUGHING all over again.

One winter in Utah was enough to make me pack my bags and move to Hawaii... I can't even imagine what Rexburg does to one's moral.

There's always down-filled snow pants... or full-body snow suits... or school online. Just some suggestions.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I can just hear this conversation between you and Kelsey. It made me laugh, too.

Yesterday after we left you your dad and I both said there is no way we'd go to school somewhere that cold. He said, "They must be so young they don't feel it. That must be why they don't mind." Now I'm wondering who's hypothesis is correct. Yours and the birth/cold/love releasing drug or your dad's. It cold be either you now. Because now you're in adulthood his theory makes sense, too.

I'm with Cali, if you're willing to toss fashion aside I have a bunch of warm clothes--starting with that big green park ranger coat that I got back in 1989.

Cassidy said...

So funny. hahahaa. I think you should wear long johns. red ones. One piece ones with a butt flap. I bet it'd not only make you nice and toasty, but you would look HOT! You'd be the envy of the town.

Susan said...


Ande Payne said...

Cassidy, sadly enough I DO wear long johns. Many Rexburgians pride left.

Carolyn said...

Bahaha. That was funny.

Nicole said...

It is part of the mystery of Rexburg. Somehow the cold gets forgotten and we stick around. I still don't know why I stuck it out for so long.

Mike and Lisa said...

I just have to say, I've done childbirth, and I've done 1 winter in Rexburg. I'll do childbirth again in a heartbeat, but I know I'll never do another Rexburg winter. Good luck!

ckweller said...

So Ande I hope you are planning on writing a novel because you are an amazing writer. I love reading your blog, I hope that is ok that I do, sometimes I feel like a snoop and I need to ask permission first. I loved all your posts that included my old car, it inspired me to write all the good memories I had of and in that old thing- I called it Big Blue but I will respect the name you renamed it with. Anyway, keep the posts coming you are great!

Julie said...

In Norway they say there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! I say just drink lots of hot cocoa and then RUN to class. Maybe Becka should rethink applying to BYUI. Good luck!

Renny said...

Brilliant, and so true.
I'll be in Vermont this winter, long john-ing it up, with no shame.
Finally, my word verification is prolimbo.

Lyle and Mary: said...

I thought they renamed that town "Iceberg" during the winter months. I was always envious of your little town during my winter months in Butte because Iceberg was always a few degrees warmer and I use to think "Why can't we at least be as warm as they are?"

I guess all things are relative.

Stay warm, fall in love over and over again, and have lots of babies.
Not a bad life plan Ande.

Bentley Snow said...

Chum! I am glad to hear from you :). I actually have blogged just a bit more on

Tyler said you might be going to Provo, is that true? Also, btw, I am new to blogs and don't know the tricks so I'm not sure where to look for your response...