Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Day in Pictures

Cycling and swimming with Angie and Travis. Together we make up the three legs of a triathlon.


Covered myself in charcoal while drawing my Italian friend, Massimo.

3:30pm-4:40pm: Matt, the snitch.

Watched my FHE brothers play QUIDDITCH!

The beaters and a chaser

Great quote from Ian (far left), yelled in a moment of frustration when the fans were getting too intensely involved, “Guys! We aren’t real wizards! We can’t really fly!” Take it back Ian. You proved yourself wrong.


Started grading this very intimidating stack of papers.


Had a social life, despite my lack of time for one.

11:30pm-12:00am: Read and listened to Julius Caesar. I was feeling pretty confidant in my Shakespearian abilities until about 11:29.59pm.

What is on the agenda for tomorrow?

Watching Edgar Allan Poe’s funeral, of course!


Cali said...

Oh Ande,

I found this post to be MOST highly enjoyable. It was just so dang clever. My favorite part was seeing the quidditch players. I thought the quote was so funny and that your picture was incredible. They looked like they were really flying. Smart idea, have them jump like Jcrew models. I love you sweet girl.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting again, Ande. Just some interesting trivia to add to your vast knowledge: Edgar Allan Poe attended, didn't graduate, West Point--he's a bizarre subject, no doubt.


Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

Got to love the things you do while you are in school. My list is more like... changed a diaper, changes another diaper, and so forth lol!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

More, more, encore, encore. I LOVE your day in pictures.

Alisa said...

I loved your day in pictures too- (I came over from NJP!)The QUIDDITCH photo was awesome!
I most loved the sculpture on the wall that you were sketching. I was amazed. My husband made a sculpture of that and I broke it during a move 14 years ago. I showed this photo to him, and he mentioned that he would like to sculpt again. Thanks for adding that photo! It's encouraging others to use their talents!