Monday, January 21, 2013

Don't Be Our Guest

It's a guest who comes to your house and:

:: points out all of the corners that need swept
:: reminds you the garage isn't organized
:: leaves the door open and makes the entire house cold
:: says things like, "Are you sure you should eat that?"
:: draws attention to your shortcomings
:: forgets to mention that you're at least trying
:: gives you judgy eyes
:: has a gloomy aura 
:: tracks mud and water onto your floors
:: and on top of everything else, is ugly

Which is to say, "January, you've overstayed your welcome."


Marcia said...

She visited you too???!!!
Nasty January.

melanie said...

Yes, judgy eyes here too.

Definitely waiting on spring.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh Ande, please tell January to come and see me.

I think she is relaxing and enjoyable. She has low-expectations: Cars, garages, and windows are supposed to be dirty. She doesn't expect me to do yard work, meet a tax-deadline, or bring a gift-giving holidays. She brings no flies with her.

January loves frugal luxuries like soup, sweaters, books, naps, and fun projects.

Please send me January and I'll send you cousin March :0)