Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"maybe next time...if you study a lot"

The testing center on campus has a large screen just outside of the room that shows your score as identified by the last four digits of your ID number. If you get a 94% or higher your score is followed by an enthusiastic “Excellent!” or “Good Job!” they even use exclamation marks. I think it would be funny (and useful) if every score got a comment.

If that was the case…yesterday I would have gotten something to the effect of, “why didn’t you study?” or “wow…bummer” or “consider dropping out of Biology” (they wouldn’t even use capitals let alone exclamation marks).

Thinking up my own score comment cheered me up immensely. That and the score listed below mine was a 38%.

Apparently I can go back to falling asleep during class


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

When I kept getting "D's" on my physical science exams last fall, I got a letter from the instructor telling me that perhaps I should consider studying more. Little did she know I WAS studying.

I think you should submit a list of appropriate comments to the testing center, they would be funny. Who knows, it could lead into a full time job and when you meet new people and they ask you what your job is they will have never heard the likes of it before. Truly, this could be a win, win. You could be the single voice of encouragement and wisdom to testers across the nation.

I had no idea they broadcast the scores. My, my. Testing centers have come a looooong way. We had to go back a day or two later for our scores.

melanie said...

Thank heavens they didn't post scores when I was there!! I vividly remember a 31% on a chemistry test and the girl that handed my my score (much before the screen shot) gave me a disapproving look. And they didn't look at the scores.....yeah right!!

Love when you blog.

Renny said...

I remember talking about what an excellent April Fool's joke this would be. Some other options could include,
"Next time, try harder." "You should change your major." "At least it's just a GE." "Hope you're not applying to grad school!" And then the standard, "awkward," and "how embarrassing..."
Yours should have said, "at least you did better than that guy!" With an arrow pointing to that lower score. Keep napping, who needs bio anyway :)

HeatherM said...

I must admit, even in Bio, many of my scores would have garnered the Excellent! or Way To Go! encouragement. Until Matt. Then, mine might have said "Your new boyfriend isn't helping your grades!" or "Maybe he could help you STUDY!" or "Have you really thought through what this boyfriend thing is doing to your academic potential?"

Cali said...

How far below was that 38%? Please say way below. ANDE, biology is SOOO interesting. It's like the most awesome of all subjects to study

One time the score board was wrong when I was at BYU. I took a REALLY HARD BioChem class and I came out and saw I got a 100%. I walked home thinking, "Cali, you are SOOOO SMART!" I found out the next day that the scantron grader wasn't working. I actually got a 91%. THat bummed me. I considered contesting with, "Hey, it's not my problem. It said I got a 100%, so I got a 100%"

Keep blogging.

abe said...

ande, i love your posts. you are such a witty little girl! ha ha. love you.

Carolyn said...

Oh Ande, I love love love the comments that show up at the testing center and sometimes wish there were negative ones too.

I have often times looked at the faces of people walking out of the testing center and looking at their scores. I can always tell what they got simply by the looks. It is a great way to pass a few minutes between classes! haha