Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today I stayed awake for the full hour and a half of Biology 100 for the very first time. After seven weeks of classes I finally figured it out. I owe my hearing (note: this does not mean understanding) of cell respiration to three factors:

  • A PB&J eaten very slowly.
  • An orange…also eaten very slowly.
  • The technology of texting.


Cali said...

Shame on you for sleeping through such a fascinating class. I mostly love the name of your post. VICTORY indeed.


Tyler said...

Hooray! good work, friend :)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Wait a minute. I didn't get a text from you.

Never, and I mean never, underestimate the power of peanut butter.

HeatherM said...

You go, girl! You are soooo on your way to success. Just these 3 tricks alone will get you through so much in life - not just cell biology. The way I figure it, you've got life 1/2 figured out with the peanut butter alone.

Ditto - Victory, indeed!