Monday, October 3, 2011

J, K, L

It’s fulfilling both physical and social needs. My friend Courtney asked if I jogged one day and I said, "No, but I'll give it a shot," because I needed a social outlet and exercise (see "E"). I started out hating it, and now only slightly dislike it. I've been liking it more since I lost my Nikes and bought Merrells. It's always a little motivating to do anything with new shoes. And they are easier to run in since they only weigh like 10oz collectively.

I’ve recently come into a lot of contact with kids. My first nephew Levin was born a few months ago. 
We’ve become quite good friends. He slobbers. I tickle.

 Levin and I especially bond when I give him a bath. I occasionally spray him with the nozzle and he kicks and splashes and laughs and laughs. We get along great.

I’ve also become a teacher in our primary at church. I teach eight year olds. Two of them. My church worship now consists of building temples with toothpicks and marshmallows and coloring pictures of Jesus. It’s not unwelcome.Actually I like it a lot.

People warned me about the Freshman 15. Why did no one tell me about the Newlywed 15? It’s real. And it’s taking over. (See “E” and “J”)


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I look forward to these every night. Promise me when the alphabet ends that you'll either start with numbers or start over or use Chinese word symbols or something.

Oh yes. The newlywed fifteen is alive and well. Hmmm. I'm surprised I didn't warn you. No worries. It's a nice buffer for the morning sickness lose 15 which is the next era.

Don't worry. You look great. Really great.

Cali said...

Levin thought you were giving him his bath this morning. He kicked and splashed and giggled. It was so cute. Before this morning, I'd only seen him do it with you. You are a great aunt Ande. Thanks for these great posts. Ps. I cut his fingernails so he won't scratch you on Thursday.

Charlotte said...

Josh and I teach eight-year-olds too! (The kids eight-turning-nine, specifically.) I decided that it's like planning a spiritually themed birthday party every week.

And the Newlywed 15 is real. Heavens.

I love reading your updates!

Ande Payne said...


I think that is the best way I've heard Primary described! We should be sharing ideas.

Renny said...

L made me laugh. I feel your pain sister, only mine is the Europe 15. And it is no good.

Also primary is the BEST calling ever and I have sorely missed being in primary ever since I left Vermont in May. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Rachel said...

Hanging out with your siblings' kids is the best, isn't it? You'll have to travel to see Ty's baby, but I can play with their little Tiger for you if necessary. (that's my way of hinting that you should visit us, if you didn't catch that) Thanks for the newlywed 15 warning. I'll try to remember that for future reference.

Courtney said...

J has been totally slacking lately...I want you to know that my runs have been very lonely lately. Come back??