Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mmmmm, Nnnnnn

M--Month Anniversary.
Six to be exact. For the occasion Joe surprised me by taking me to Portland for the weekend. We went to the Saturday market, Powells, and Lion King in 3D.  The crowning activity was going out to a Peruvian Tapas bar for dinner, Andina's. Two kinds of ceviche, burrata, octopus, yams, shrimp, tuna, stuffed peppers, three different kinds of salsa, three flavors of creme brulee. Our waiter told us we’d need about 4 plates between the two of us. We ordered 9. (See “L”). To date it stands as my favorite dining experience.
 We found this marker on our anniversary while we were out for a walk before church. We were married on March 18th and thought it appropriate to take a picture with it.
I have a new last name. It even starts with an N. Did you know that? Actually, I guess it's not my legal name. Because it’s kinda hard to change your last name. And I may or may not have lost all those papers. Like our wedding certificate. They've got to be here somewhere. 


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Check the outer pocket of your temple bag. We put them carefully in there, remember?

I do love these posts. Love, love them.

I think the 3-18 picture was such a cool idea.

Joe has the best ideas for celebrating.

Deidra said...

The other day on pinterest when you pinned the Neighbor's bread recipe it clicked! Ah-ha! That's who it is! I'm pretty sure I knew it when I started following you, but that new name threw me off for a while.

Cali said...

WHAT. You haven't changed your name yet. Good grief. That's a doozy of a long procrastination. From now on I'm going to call you Ande Payne until you change it.

Rachel said...

What a fun hubby you have! You should reciprocate with sharing his name ;o)