Saturday, October 1, 2011

G, H, I

More specifically games for two. We love games at our house. Joe has purchased a lot of two-player games to shake things up from our dinner/TV/reading regimen. Unfortunately for me, Joe out strategizes me. Unfortunately for Joe, I’ve got speed. What? You're in the market for games for two? Our favorites are:

Like chess...only easier.

A totally random game that give the players enough control it's not completely silly.

A game I actually banned from our "two player" list. Though you can play with two players, if you have a competitively-ruthless husband, you'll want to invite friends over.

When Joe is away on business trips we have taken to playing virtual games via our iPads. Ticket to Ride and Words With Friends are our favorite.

I’ve been doing it! Here’s the proof:

Laundry and ironing. I hate laundry. I loooooove ironing.

Count them. There are 22 hangers. I didn't always love ironing and I would cringe whenever Joe wore one of these shirts...until I realized ironing is just an excuse to watch a movie.

Dinner making.

It's usually less impressive than homemade tortellini. And in fact that wasn't even too impressive as they were pretty tough and took f.o.r.e.v.e.r. Not nearly as easy as it looks on the Food Network.

Berry Picking.

A friend*, her son, and I went raspberry and blueberry picking. Of course they got turned into muffins, cake, fruit leather, and frozen little blobs.

I really like this homemaking business.

I--"It's Not You, It's Me." what I should say to everyone I owe a thank you card to from all of the wonderful gifts we’ve received from our wedding. They are written (and have been for a while) but it turns out I’ve been less than organized with my addresses. That’s why they are late. Not because we don’t love, use, and appreciate your gifts, (we really do!) it’s just because I’m not organized. Not an ok excuse. My sincere apologies. 

*Morgan, you have seemed to make your way into so many categories!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh Ande. I love your posts.

You take homemaking to a whole new level. You not only make a wonderful home, you take beautiful pictures to document it.

Ironing. Remember when you used to iron all your dad's shirts for $10 a week?

I can't wait for the next installment.

Cali said...

You making up for no blogging in spades. I love reading these and most of all love looking forward to them. I'm so grateful for you. I think it is quite humerous that even though you are the younger sister, I'm the one that usually copies you... I think I'll do the same thing (a,b,c's)

morgan larsen said...

just the way it should be.

Deidra said...

At our house the husband has the amazing strategic thinking brain and I'm the ultra-competitive one. It never ends well. Thankfully we've started playing games with a couple friends. Somehow that has put a buffer on my competitiveness.

We'll have to check out Hive, we haven't played that one before.

Rachel said...

It's so fun catching up on your life! And I still have more catching up to do. Keep them coming!